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Regenerative Medicine And The Right To Try – Wake Forest Journal of Business and Intellectual Property Law

This law review was partially funded by the Wake Forest University’s Center for Bioethics, Health & Society.   The authors are Christine Nero Coughlin, JD, Professor of Legal Writing, Wake Forest School of Law; Nancy M P King, JD, Professor, Department of Social Sciences & Health Policy, Wake Forest School of Medicine and Co-Director of the Wake Forest University Center for Bioethics, Health and Society; Melissa McKinney, Wake Forest School of Law.

The review was featured in The Regulatory Review.


Epigenetics & the Problem of Personal Justice – 15 November – Nancy King, JD

Bioethics Seminar
Title:  Epigenetics and the Problem of Personal Justice
Nancy King, JD,  Professor, Department of Social Sciences & Health Policy, Wake Forest School of Medicine;  and Co-Director for the Center for Bioethics, Health & Society and Co-Director for the Master’s degree Program in Bioethics, Wake Forest University
5:00-6:00 PM, Refreshments to follow
Room 4001, 4th Floor, 525@Vine Street, Winston-Salem, NC

For free parking please contact:  Vicky Zickmund:

The Affordable Care At: Is It Working or Failing – 1 November – Mark Hall, JD

Bioethics Seminar
The Affordable Care Act:  Is it Working or Failing?
Mark Hall, JD,  Director of Health Law and Policy Program, Fred D. & Elizabeth L. Turnage Professor of Law; Founding Director, Center for Bioethics, Health & Society, and co-director, the Master’s degree program in Bioethics, Wake Forest University
5:00-6:00 PM, Refreshments to follow
Z. Smith Reynolds Library Auditorium, Room 404, Wake Forest University

Bioethics Seminar – October 11-“Recognitions and Relationships: Solidarity & the Moral Imagination”- Bruce Jennings, MA, Center for Biomedical Ethics & Society & Dept of Health Policy, Vanderbilt Medical Center

October 11
Title:  Recognitions and Relationships: Solidarity and the Moral Imagination
Bruce Jennings, MA,   Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Health Policy &
Center for Biomedical Ethics & Society, Vanderbilt University Medical Center;
Senior Fellow, Center for Humans & Nature; Fellow & Senior Advisor, The Hastings Center
5:00-6:00 PM, Refreshments to follow
Z. Smith Reynolds Library Auditorium, Room 404, Wake Forest University

Performable Case Study – “Perhaps A Level Field” – The (Bio)Ethics of Third-Party Litigation Funding – 25th April

Performed by Spring 2016 Performable Case Studies Class (BIE 727)

Monday 25 April 7:00-8:00 pm

Room 409, Benson University Center, Wake Forest University

The case concerns the ways in which a person who has been injured by a medical device or a questionable medical intervention can become a means to a lucrative end — “investment” or “claim asset” — due to the growing financial services practice of lending to plaintiffs and plaintiffs’ attorneys in class action litigation.

Whether this is exploitative or empowers plaintiffs with pecuniary resources that would otherwise be out of reach — “leveling the field” — is one of a number of issues that the case study interrogates, through the experience of a medically and legally vulnerable patient.

Refreshments to follow

For further information about the Bioethics Seminar Series, please contact Stephanie Reitz:

<> or 758-4256. Website:

Bioethics Seminar – 5 April – Is There a Place For Race In Precision Medicine?

Kahn_Jonathan-225x315JONATHAN KAHN, JD, PhD, James E. Kelley Chair in Tort Law, & Professor of Law, Mitchell Hamline School of Law, St. Paul, Minnesota

Dr. Kahn is a thoughtful and prolific scholar and critical thinker, who specializes in addressing biotechnology’s implications for our ideas of identity, rights, and citizenship, with a particular focus on race and justice. In particular, his work combines law, policy, biology, and bioethics to address the challenges posed by racial categorizations and genetic associations in the pharmaceutical industry.

Refreshments to follow

Tuesday 5 April 4:00-5:00 pm
Room 4001, 525@Vine
Winston-Salem NC, 27101 (WFU Downtown Campus)

Bioethics Seminar – 3 March – Henry Beecher’s Bombshell at 50: “Ethics & Clinical Research” Revisited

Robert Turrell Professor and Chair, Department of Medical History and Bioethics
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Lederer photoDr. Lederer is the Robert Turell Professor of Medical History and Bioethics, and Chair of the Department of Medical History and Bioethics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is spending the spring semester at UNC-Chapel Hill as the 2016
UNC-Duke Nannerl Keohane Distinguished Visiting Professor.

Dr. Lederer is the author of numerous important articles and books examining the history of medicine and medical research; medicine and society in twentieth-century America; race, medicine, and public health; medicine and popular culture; research ethics; and the
history of medical ethics. She is currently at work on a biography of Dr. Henry Beecher. Her lecture revisits his classic 1966 article on

research ethics in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Thursday 3 March 4:00-5:00 pm
Z. Smith Reynolds Library Auditorium, Room 404
Reynolda Campus, Wake Forest University

Reception to follow

WFU School of Law – Health Law and Policy Program presents ‘Future of Medicaid Expansion in North Carolina’ – 25 January 2016

Wake Forest Law’s Health Law and Policy Program will host a panel of industry leaders to discuss the “Future of Medicaid Expansion in North Carolina” from 5:45 to 7:30 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 25, 2016, in the Worrell Professional Center, Room 1312. The event is free and open to the public.

With the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in King v. Burwell over the summer, the recent passage of Medicaid reforms and the upcoming presidential election, many are wondering what the future holds for Medicaid expansion in North Carolina, says Professor Mark Hall, director of the Health Law and Policy Program and co-director of the Graduate Program in Bioethics.

“This event will allow participants to learn more about the current state of North Carolina’s Medicaid system, as well as the benefits and detriments of expansion from several big names in health policy,” he explained.

The panel, moderated by Professor Mark Hall,  will include state Rep. Donny Lambeth (R-Forsyth), one of the major movers for Medicaid reform; Brad Wilson (JD ’78), president and CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina; Janet Hoy, the chair of the Healthcare Roundtable for the League of Women Voters in North Carolina; and Katherine Restrepo, the Health and Human Services Policy Analyst for the John Locke Foundation.

“Please join us for an evening of education and frank discussion on an important issue,” Hall added.

The event is co-sponsored by the North Carolina Health News.

Exploring Ethics Series – December 1st – Ethical Issues in Neonatal & Perinatal End-of-Life Care

Christine Elizabeth Bishop, M.D.

CHRISTINE BISHOP, MD, MA, Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics (Neonatology), Wake Forest School of Medicine,
Chair of the Clinical Ethics Consultation Subcommittee, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. Alumna of the Graduate Program in Bioethics, Wake Forest University
12:00-1:00 PM
Conference Room 10C, 10th Floor Conference Room, Comprehensive Cancer Center at WFBMC.

To register, please visit (Registration can also be completed on site

Bioethics Seminar – 3 November – The Authority of the Ethics Consultant

This fall’s Center for Bioethics, Health, and Society lecture series features visiting speakers whose work illustrates the varied uses of narrative and viewpoint in bioethics

The Authority of the Ethics Consultant
Tuesday 3 November 5:00-6:00 pm
Z. Smith Reynolds Library Auditorium, Room 404 Reynolda Campus, Wake Forest University

Professor and Chair, Department of Philosophy, University of Hawaii–Manoa

Dr. Kipnis has taught in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Hawaii since 1979. This semester, he is Visiting Professor at the College of Charleston in South Carolina. His areas of specialization are ethics and philosophy of law. He has published over 50 articles and authored, co-authored, or edited eight books, on topics including ethics in pediatrics, legal ethics, prison and military medicine, criminal justice, research ethics, and disaster health care. He has been a Visiting Scholar at the American Medical Association’s Chicago headquarters and a Visiting Senior Faculty member at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. He serves regularly as an expert witness in ethics- related court cases. His lecture addresses the connections between the viewpoint of bioethics and the the role of ethics expertise in consultation and in the courtroom.

Co-sponsored with the Department of Philosophy, Wake Forest University
Refreshments to follow