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August 9 2017
Hailey Cleek, a student in Wake Forest University's JD/MA in Bioethics joint degree program, was selected to join the Wake Forest Law Review.  The Law Review provides the legal profession with timely evaluations of current problems in the law and serves students as a valuable educational experience.  Congratulations Hailey! Hailey is also the Editor in Chief of Awaken - The Creative Journal of Contemporary BioethicsThis  is a first-of-its-kind online journal at Wake Forest University dedicated to exploring and understanding the field of bioethics through the publication of creative, fictionalized short stories. The stories published in Awaken utilize the creative literary process to discover and expound upon contemporary bioethics issues.
May 17 2017
To what lengths should we go to preserve human life? This is a question many are asking after hearing that three men plan to make medical history by conducting the first human head transplant. Or, rather, whole body transplant. Italian neuroscientist Dr. Sergio Canavero and Chinese surgeon Dr. Xiaoping Ren plan to provide a Russian volunteer, Valery Spiridonov, a new body. During the procedure, Spiridonov’s body and head would be detached and, with the help of a crane, surgeons would move the head and attach it to the donor body. But is this ethical? Should they proceed? For the whole article go here. Also a 30th May 2017 article on Harvard Law Petrie-Flom Center blog
Baker Institute for Public Policy blog
May 3 2017
  Christine Nero Coughlin, JD, Professor and Director, Legal Research & Writing Program, School of Law, Graduate Program in BIoethics Faculty & Core Faculty Member of the Center for Bioethics Health & Society   The Legal Writing Institute, the nation's large legal writing organization, has chosen Professor Chris Coughlin as the recipient of the 2017 Mary S. Lawrence Award.  The Award will be presented to Professor Coughlin at the 2017 Association of Legal Writing Directors Conference in Minneapolis this July.   The Mary S. Lawrence Award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated a combination of pioneering scholarship and innovative curriculum or program design.  It is named for Professor Emerita Mary S. Lawrence, a former longtime director of the LAWR program at Oregon Law.  It is understood that Mary S. Lawrence will be in attendance when Professor Coughlin receives the Award in July; what a special moment that will be!   The LWI Awards Committee said in an online statement that Professor Coughlin was chosen for the Award in part for her lead authorship of the first-year legal writing text A Lawyer Writes.  Profess or Laura Graham says, “from experience that Professor Coughlin's text was a game-changer in first-year LAWR classes around the country.”  The Committee also recognized Professor Coughlin's curricular innovations at Wake Forest, of which her colleagues have all been the beneficiaries, and her influence as a mentor in the legal writing field. Professor Graham goes on to say, “I don't need to tell you all how beloved Professor Coughlin is as a teacher, a colleague, a mentor, and a friend to all of us here at Wake Law.  She brings out the best in everyone she encounters, and I know we all are happy that the national legal writing community has formally recognized what we at Wake have always known.”  
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