Sci-Pol-a web-based service, an unbiased resource on developments in science and technology policy

The Duke Initiative for Science & Society is pleased to introduce SciPol, a web-based service allowing you to connect your Bioethics, Law or Policy classroom with current science policies across the government, including actions by Congress, the President, federal agencies, and the judicial system. We hope SciPol will help you to plan highly relevant course material for a richer and deeper learning experience for your students.

SciPol is an unbiased resource on developments in science and technology policy. SciPol provides policy updates, explains the relevant science at issue, and offers opportunities for engagement in the making of science policy. Current topical coverage includes genetics/genomics and neuroscience.We plan to expand into nanotechnology and robotics in 2017.

SciPol also offers a career section, allowing users to search opportunities within government, non-profits, academia, media, or corporations.

We encourage you, your colleagues, and your students to explore and track the many issues being discussed by our nation’s policymakers through SciPol. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at