Masters of Arts in Bioethics

Bioethics Joint Degree Program

The Master of Arts in Bioethics is the core of bioethics graduate study at Wake Forest.  The MA requires 30 credit hours total (24 hours of course work, 6 hours of thesis work).  Nine credit hours per semester constitute full-time status.  The maximum per semester is 15 hours.  Most bioethics courses are offered in the late afternoon or early evening to accommodate working professionals.

The Master of Arts in Bioethics Program welcomes both full-time and part-time students. Part-time students have up to 6 years to complete the degree.  Full-time students typically complete coursework in 2 semesters and the thesis on- or off-site by the end of the following semester.  After their first semester, full-time students can request permission to follow an accelerated schedule that allows for completion of the degree in 1 calendar year.

Degree Requirements – 30 credit hours total (for course descriptions and elective offerings, see Course Offerings):

12 credit hours of core courses

  •          BIE 703: Bioethics Theory (3)
  •          BIE 706/707: Bioethics Seminar (3)

Two of the following three courses:

  •          BIE 702: Biomedical Research Ethics (3)
  •          BIE 704: Public Policy, Medicine & Justice (3)
  •          BIE 705: Clinical Ethics (3)            

12 credit hours of elective courses, completed in any combination of the options below

  •          Bioethics elective courses (see Course Offerings)
  •          BIE 702, 704, or 705 if not taken to fulfill a core requirement
  •          Up to 6 hours of approved graduate courses in other programs/school, independent study, or any combination of the two

6 credit hours of thesis work

Both traditional and non-traditional thesis proposals are considered to fulfill the thesis requirement.  Non-traditional proposals may include, for example, preparation of bioethics manuscripts suitable for publication in journals in the student’s primary field, and internship or practicum placements with final analytical report.

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