Tuition and Financial Support

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Financial support for the Bioethics Program at Wake Forest University is available through institutional and federal sources. Applicants are encouraged to explore all avenues available to them for financial support.

Tuition for the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Reynolda campus, forms the cost basis for the Bioethics Program and is set at standard rates for each academic year. The forms of institutional financial support described below are presented as percentages of tuition so that they can adjust with a student’s level of enrollment.

Rates noted above are for tuition expenses only. Costs for books and other learning materials and fees and living expenses for full-time students are not included. For an estimate of these expenses, see the Office of Student Financial Aid.


Because the Bioethics Program at Wake Forest University is highly selective and intentionally small, we offer generous institutional financial support. Institutional financial support is awarded on a rolling basis, so early application is highly encouraged.  To ensure full consideration for institutional financial support, complete applications should be submitted by March 15 for fall admission and by November 1 for spring admission.  Applicants will be considered for institutional financial support after that time, but funds are limited.

Students who receive substantial tuition assistance from an employer, scholarship or other institutional source will be considered based only on any funds remaining after applications from unsupported students are considered. Applicants who will receive financial support from an employer or other institutional source should notify the Admissions Committee by sending an e-mail to

Bioethics Scholarship: 25% of tuition

As of the spring 2012 semester, all admitted students (joint degree students see below) who are not receiving significant financial support from an employer or other institutional source will receive the Bioethics Scholarship, which is equal to 25% of the cost of tuition.  Graduate School Costs.

Pro Humanitate Scholarship

In addition to the Bioethics Scholarship (25% of tuition), a small number of select applicants will be awarded a Pro Humanitate Scholarship. Named in honor of Wake Forest University’s motto, Pro Humanitate (“in service to humanity”), this scholarship is awarded based upon available funding and student merit. Like the Bioethics Scholarship, it is awarded as a percentage of tuition (typically an additional 5% to 15%).

Research Scholarship

Depending upon available resources, a small number (1-3) of Research Scholarships may be available.  Under the auspices of the WFU Center for Bioethics, Health & Society (CBHS), Research Scholars have the opportunity to conduct guided research under the direction of a CBHS faculty member or members.  Research objectives and responsibilities are determined between the student and the faculty member(s).  Awards vary, but typically a Research Scholarship provides an additional 10-25% tuition support, which when paired with the Bioethics Scholarship provides total institutional financial support of 35-50%.  Research Scholarships are typically awarded to full-time and dual degree students only.

All scholarships are awarded for a 1-year period for fall enrollees and for 1 semester for spring enrollees. Scholarship renewal depends upon available funds in subsequent years. In order to receive scholarship funding, students must remain in good academic standing according to the guidelines outlined in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Bulletin. Institutional financial assistance typically is not available for summer courses (which have reduced tuition).


For degree-seeking students, financial support also is available in the form of ordinary student loans under terms generally available to all graduate students (described here). The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is required for students seeking federal financial aid. For information concerning federal financial aid, please see Federal financial aid is only available to persons in a degree-seeking program.


Wake Forest employees and their spouses/domestic partners are encouraged to contact their respective Human Resources Departments to determine eligibility for the tuition concession benefit.

Wake Forest University –

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center – contact Human Resources at 336-716-4718 or


Any institutional financial support provided to joint degree students (i.e. JD/MA, MD/MA, or MDiv/MA) through the Bioethics Program applies only to semesters in which the student is enrolled in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. Institutional financial support will be awarded to joint degree students according to the standards of aid utilized when the student enrolls through the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. The reduced cost of joint degrees vs. acquiring two separate degrees also is considered.