Student Experience

 Laura Scott, MSW, MA – I am incredibly grateful to the bioethics graduate program. Initially, simply learning about bioethics opened my eyes to my interest in the broad array of dilemmas faced in healthcare settings. With the support of the faculty and staff, my engagement with bioethics grew as I discovered the ways that this intellectual interest could combine with the activism of social work in a fulfilling career. Finally, I find it unique that the bioethics graduate program has fostered such a close community and broad network of colleagues eager to support each other and work together, creating opportunities aimed at the improvement of healthcare. I appreciate all this program has done for me, both in personal development and in opportunities!


Michael Hanamirian, BS (Candidate, MA in Bioethics, 2018) – As an undergraduate who studied Biology, my method of learning and understanding of how our world functions (scientifically) has always been based on factual concepts. The Bioethics Program has allowed me to hone a different type of learning and understanding of the world by teaching the many different sides of controversial issues in the field of medicine, both new and old, in order to form my own, unique opinion.


Roger Cole, MD, MA – 20091202bioethics61561-400x266One thing that I really enjoyed about this program is the diversity of the students — people with higher educations and graduate degrees, undergraduate degrees, and people from diverse backgrounds, not only in education but in life.


Deborah Love, JD, MBA, MA – 20091202bioethics6185-682x1024-316x475I have spent a lot of my life working with diverse constituencies – helping facilitate dialogue to work through differences and build consensus to move forward. That’s a skill that’s tapped into in bioethics. This is definitely where I’m meant to be. I feel rejuvenated and I’m betting on this new-found direction to keep me healthy and vital. This is not a small investment … it’s an investment in my life.


Gerardo Maradiaga, MA – 20091202bioethics6231-1024x682-400x266I was fascinated just by the array of issues that were out there. As a student, I learned about the detailed functions and operations of ethics consultation and IRBs, and the issues surrounding health-law & public policy. As a bioethics project coordinator, I get to experience the practical application of what I’ve learned in the classroom, and there is no doubt the program has given me a strong foundation for handling bioethical issues in the real world.


Meg Maultsby, MD,MA – Starting the bioethics program right after undergrad gave me a head start on my graduate education and allowed me to focus completely on bioethics. Thanks to the bioethics program at Wake Forest University, I now have a deeper understanding of the human side of medicine.  I have a firmer grasp of the doctor-patient relationship.  Having an MA in bioethics makes me a better doctor.